Jim Batty Memorial Scholarship

Jim Batty was the President of PFLAG Wilmington/Northern DE for nearly all of its 23 years of existence until his passing in 2016. To honor his tireless years of dedication, we have created the Jim Batty Memorial Scholarship fund. Please reference the scholarship guidelines document for eligibility requirements and additional information.

Scholarship application, guidelines, and letter of reference template are available for download below.

Submitting Application:

  1. Save your completed application form (Word or PDF format) using the following file-naming system: Yourlastname_PFLAG_scholarship_app_mm-dd-yy.filetype. For example "Smith_PFLAG_scholarship_app_01-12-19.pdf".
  2. Submit your completed application along with your GPA verification document and letter of reference to the following Dropbox link by 2/28/19: https://www.dropbox.com/request/YE08RwRAiIswHnsiZPwI
1 - Scholarship Guidelines.docx

Scholarship Guidelines

2 - Scholarship Application.docx

Scholarship Application

3 - Scholarship Letter of Reference.docx

Letter of Reference Template