Questions About Our Meetings:

In General, what should I expect?

You can expect that there will be people who are at differing stages in their understanding, acceptance, and support of their LGBT loved ones. You can expect to meet people who have developed meaningful friendships through their attendance at monthly PFLAG meetings. And you can expect to be warmly welcomed.

When are the meetings?  

The 2nd Thursday of every month (in 24 years we have only canceled meetings twice; once because Governor called a state of emergency.)   

Where are the meetings?  

During the Covid-19 crisis, meetings will be held via Zoom.   To register for the meeting, click here.  (If you need help setting up Zoom, click here or send an email to PFLAGlagwilmde@att.net and someone will get back to you.)  

Once we resume "face-to-face" meetings they will be at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington  - - 1502 West 13th Street (Corner of 13th and Rodney), Wilmington DE 19806.  Enter through the double oak doors; go down the steps and proceed straight ahead to Classroom 8.

Is there parking?  

Yep - - right across 13th Street from the church.

Can I get there via public transit?  

Yes - - the Pennsylvania Avenue bus goes right by Westminster Presbyterian church.  Get off at either Broom or Clayton St.

Is there an age limit for meetings?  

We welcome all adults, 18 and over.  Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do I have to pay to attend a meeting?  

Nope!!   We love to have people join our Chapter, but it is not a requirement that you pay dues/join PFLAG to attend our meetings.

Do I have to be a member of PFLAG to attend meetings?  

Nope - - all are welcome!!!

Do I have to register?  

Nope!!  (except for Zoom meetings)

Do I have to identify myself?  


Do I have to have a direct, personal relationship with an LGBT person?  


Can I be the LGBT person?  

Yes!!!   Please, please, please - - LGBTQ attendees add great value to others who attend our meetings.

Is the meeting confidential?  

Yes - - “What we say here, stays here”!!

Can I come and listen without participating?  


Who can I talk to if I can't make it to a meeting?   

If you can’t make it to a meeting and you have gnawing questions, just call our help line (302-654-2995) and someone will get back to you promptly.  Or, request a “pop-up” meeting (See “What’s a Pop-up Meeting). 

What’s a “pop-up” meeting?  

Need support or have questions that you’d really like to get answered before the next support meeting?  We’ll arrange a “pop-up” meeting.  Just call our hot line and tell us what you’d like to discuss.  We will arrange a meeting time and place convenient for you.

Is the meeting space accessible to people with disabilities?  


Are translators available?  

No - - we have not seen a need for this in the past.  If this need emerges, we will attempt to address it.  

Are aids available for people with hearing impairments? 

No - - we have not seen a need for this in the past.  If this need emerges, we will attempt to address it.  

Do I have to attend every meeting?  


Do I have to attend the entire meeting?  


Are there Virtual Support Group Meetings? 

PFLAG is here to support you, so you can support your LGBTQ+ loved ones. PFLAG Connects is a new virtual meeting space for the PFLAG Chapter Network. You can join by video, audio or chat - whatever you’re comfortable with. PFLAG offers peer support that is available at no cost and open to all who wish to participate. All of our groups are led and facilitated by PFLAG Wilmington/Northern Delaware volunteers. To register for the virtual meetings, please fill out the form at this link: https://forms.gle/C8dFLMAPcMZwtw978

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Questions About PFLAG Membership:

What do I get by becoming a dues-paying member? 

Aside from the gratification of supporting an organization that supports our LGBTQ loved ones, as a member of PFLAG-Wilmington, DE, you will have free access to any of the PFLAG publications we have in our library.  As a local chapter member, you are automatically a member of PFLAG National and you will receive:  Periodic “Policy Matters” and “Action Alerts” – very informative and up-to-the-minute information about pending legislation, State, National and International current LGBTQ events; access to PFLAG’s “On-line Academy” (See “What’s the On-Line Academy?”); Conference discounts; and, discounts on PFLAG other publications.

How much are membership dues?  

Prices for individual, household, and donor memberships are listed on the Membership page of this website.

Are dues tax deductible?  

We are a 501c(3) organization, so dues or donations to us may be tax deductible.

How do I join?  

Click here to submit your membership form online (or print out the membership form and mail it to us with a check for your membership dues).

How is PFLAG Wilmington’s money from donations and dues spent?

We are a 501c(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization - - no paid staff.  Dues help us operate the local chapter, including: 24-hour help line; purchase of books from PFLAG (that we provide for free to meeting attendees and multiple groups and events - See “What are PFLAG’s publications?”); printing/copying; PO Box; Scholarship fund (we do fund raising and offer scholarships periodically); and annual IRS/DE fees.  In addition, we make some contributions (up to 10% of our annual budget) to other local organizations who provide direct support to the LGBTQ community (e.g., Youth Group; PTK; United Way Pride Council).  And $15 of each household membership goes to PFLAG National to help support their efforts.  See “What does PFLAG’s international organization do?” for:  development of books/booklets; salaries for their few, but exceptionally dedicated and talented, staff members; lobbying/legal expenses; generating topical/”Alert” e-mails; creating PFLAG Online Academy webinars; and office/operational expenses.

What does PFLAG’s international organization do?  

PFLAG’s national organization consists of a small but exceptionally dedicated and talented staff.  They provide support to the LGBTQ community through:

1.     National lobbying efforts.  For example, in 2016, PFLAG staffers participated in over 100 White House administrative meetings, over 600 congressional visits, 10 congressional/White House events with speaking roles, and provided PFLAG position statements on 6 federal law issues.

2.     Support local Chapters on lobbying efforts.

3.     Develop and distribute a set of books/booklets to help educate people on LGBTQ issues.  (See What are PFLAG’s publications?)

4.     Providing leadership support for local Chapters.  PFLAG staffers develop training materials, webinars, and provide one-on-one support to local PFLAGers who are on the front lines, supporting our LGBTQ loved ones.  (See What’s the On-Line Academy? )

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Questions About Donating to PFLAG:

How can I donate to PFLAG?  

You can donate in several ways:

1.     Old fashioned way: write a check!  Simply mail us a check made payable to PFLAG Wilmington, DE.  Send it to us at P.O. Box 7185, Newark, DE 19714

2.     Donate at this website:  Click on “Donate” button in page footer.

3.     Donate via United Way:  Our chapter is a United Way designation write-in agency.  Donors wishing to designate their contributions to PFLAG should write-in our agency name: 

a.     PFLAG Wilmington/North Delaware Inc. 

b.     Mailing address:  P.O. Box 7185, Newark, DE 19714

c.      Our code # (on the UW Pledge form, in the Specific Cae area):  11059

4.     Donate via Amazon Smile

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Other Questions:

Where can I find a good "glossary" of LGBTQ terms?

Great question!!  There ARE lots of acronyms and LGBTQ jargon.  Those smart people at PFLAG's National office have just what you need.  Click here  https://www.pflag.org/glossary

What are PFLAG’s publications?  

PFLAG’s current publications include: “Be not afraid – Straight for Equality in Faith organizations”;  “Be yourself”;  “Faith in our Families”;

“Straight for Equality in Faith Communities”; “Guide to being a Straight Ally”;  “Guide to being a Trans Ally”;  “Our Children” (in English and Spanish)”; “Be Yourself (in English and Spanish)”;  “Our Trans Loved-Ones”;  “Safe Schools – Cultivating Respect”;  “Straight for Equality in Healthcare”.  Each of these publications are available free of charge to all who attend one of our Chapter meetings.  In addition, each of these books is available for free in digital format at PFLAG’s website (https://www.pflag.org/publications) or hard copies are available for $2.50 each (plus postage)  - - $1.25 each to members.

What’s the On-Line Academy?  

PFLAG develops training materials in the form of webinars for local chapters leaders, but some of them are of potential use to anyone.  As a member of PFLAG, you have access to the full library of On-Line Academy materials.  Examples of some of the courses are:  Cultivating respect: Safe Schools for all Children; LGBT History; Conflict Resolution; Facilitation Skills; and Facilitation Skills-201.  The complete list can be viewed at https://www.pflag.org/onlineacademy

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