Jim & Danny say 'I Do" at legal marriage ceremony at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.  November 3, 2011. Yes, that's me performing the ceremony.  We were along the 3rd base line near "The Green Monster".
 Mary(COLAGE), Jim(PFLAG Wilm), Patty(COLAGE), Linda(PFLAG Rehoboth) 2/10/11
Dining Out For Life 4/30/09    
Jim @Brandywine HS Wellness Fair 4-29-10
                           Mike & Bill's Wedding in P'Town
Sheila @ info table @ Delaware Pride Festival 9/08     
Jim & Danny >> Why Not Choose Love
                                                                             PFLAG is Family >>Sheila, Jim & Jim 
                                                                 Herb @ Aids Walk 9/09
                                                                                                              15 Annual Delaware Pride Festival
14th Annual Delaware Pride Festival,                                                    9/17/2011 > Sheila & Jim
9/18/2010 > Danny, Jimmy, Sheila & Jim